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We understand what your new home means to you being home owners ourselves. You work hard during the day and look forward to coming home to a stress free environment, a place where you can be confident that reading your children their bedtime story or settling in for an evening movie won’t be interrupted by issues in and around your home. At Unique Home Concepts we pride ourselves on ensuring that our ongoing relationship with you from day one allows you to feel confident in working with your Service Team.

New Home Orientation

  • We ensure that you are scheduled in for your exciting introduction to your new home one week prior to your possession alongside your Service Manager. This is designed to acquaint you with your home and ensure that you are made aware of its systems and structures along with any required maintenance or operating instructions that you will need to know. You will have an opportunity to enquire about aspects of your home as well as last minute details that are in the works of being tended to.

Possession Walkthrough

  • The day has come where your Service Manager proudly passes you your new set of keys. They will ensure that you feel knowledgeable about the warranty of your new home and understand that your Service Team is just a phone call away. This will allow you the security you deserve in maintaining the quality of your home.

Primary Warranty Tour

  • After living in your new home for one month your Service Manager is scheduled to come to your house and take a tour with you. This will allow you to explain any issues that you may have noticed over the past month and to point them out to your Service Manager. Having this meeting directly in your home will allow you the peace of mind that your Service Manager can see the issue for themselves in order to fully understand what needs to be done to take care of the issue efficiently the first time.

Anniversary Walkthrough

  • After your home has been introduced to all of the seasons your Service Manager will come meet with you to discuss how the last year has been. At eleven months, just prior to your one year anniversary, they will take one last tour through your home where you are encouraged to list anything that may have shifted or changed since your last meeting. We like to meet with you prior to your one year anniversary to ensure that everything is taken care of within a timely fashion.

Alberta New Home Warranty Program

We are proud to be a part of the Alberta New Home Warranty Program.

New Homebuyer’s Choice Award - 2014

Unique Home Concepts was the recipient of the New Homebuysers Choice Award for 2014.
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