Our Unique Family

At Unique Home Concepts our culture is one that directly represents a family dynamic rich in support, empathy, compassion and loyalty. As a family we ensure that everyone feels at home whether they are in the office, on the sites or in the comforts of their own homes on the good days and the bad ones. In our Unique family we are proud to stand next to each of its members as we reach our Unique goals.

Community and Communications Manager

Pilatl Family Picture

I am proud to say that I am a mother to two beautiful daughters, Priya and Saige and a wife to my wonderful husband Wade, all the while being a part of our amazing Unique Family.

I am also very proud to come to work, on the days that I am not taking our girls to school and various extracurricular activities. I tend to refer to myself as the “Unique Gopher” as I often fill in and extend my abilities where ever needed. I enjoy doing these jobs as it allows me to work closely with various team members throughout the year and I never have the excuse of being bored. I have the greatest confidence, respect and loyalty towards our team because they are truly passionate about what they do and are dedicated to our culture that strongly reflects a family dynamic. We share stories, work load, laughs and frustrations with one another just like you would in a traditional family.

I am incredibly appreciative of the representation that each one of our team members brings to the table and the sense of ownership that everyone feels as they bring ideas and creations forward that we can incorporate into our homes and into our brand.

Wade and I are proponents of being actively involved in the community and are fortunate to attract team members within our Unique Family that feel the same way. We support our staff in donating work hours to community boards and committees as well as supporting them in giving back to the community by supplying them with a $2,000 cheque each year for them to deliver and donate to the charity of their choice. We believe in being active participants in supporting our community to reflect the changes that we want our children to see in the future and am excited to have our Unique Family members currently doing the same.

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