Our Unique Family

At Unique Home Concepts our culture is one that directly represents a family dynamic rich in support, empathy, compassion and loyalty. As a family we ensure that everyone feels at home whether they are in the office, on the sites or in the comforts of their own homes on the good days and the bad ones. In our Unique family we are proud to stand next to each of its members as we reach our Unique goals.


Wade Pilat sm

I have been a proud part of the Grande Prairie community since I was four years old, back when Grande Prairie only had 15,000 people. Throughout my life I have been privileged to have grown up around parents that taught me to work hard and ensure your family is well supported and well loved, but to also be confident in accepting knowledge from others where you may lack. With that lesson I surrounded myself around business people from a young age that I could learn and grow from.

I was always intrigued by the way they conducted not only their business but also themselves. I made a choice to conduct whatever business I chose over the years whether it be in retail, as a Realtor, as a home builder or developer; in a way that reflects the high morals my parents and various mentors have taught me. By following those choices and learning from those lessons I am proud to say that I am a part of an incredibly supportive, compassionate, loyal family. I am fortunate to be able to say that those qualities don’t just apply to my wife Dalene and our two amazing daughters Priya and Saige, but extend to my Unique Family as well.

I started Unique Home Concepts Inc. in 2004 with just an idea of hiring a few contractors to build a single house, which I lived in, to a few napkin style blueprints that made their way onto a blueprint page to where we are today building 55 homes per year with more care and attention each and every year. As proud as I am about the building growth that we have accomplished, my real pride lies in my team and the culture that we have created together, and that the core values of why I started this company have stayed in place.

Our culture at Unique Home Concepts is one that many businesses conceptualize about on paper but don’t always achieve in reality. We are fortunate to have a team that acts like a family and pride themselves on maintaining that culture on a daily basis. We believe in being transparent with our team and encouraging and implementing their ideas for growth, supporting them in their passions to support our local community, profit sharing them within our company as you would within a traditional family; for Unique’s success is a reflection of our team as a whole. I have been consistently supported by a team of passionate and honorable team members trades, suppliers & mentors and without them this all wouldn’t have been possible.

As an owner it doesn’t get better than that!

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