Unique Community Support

We believe in the value of community and pride ourselves on being an active part in our community's growth. We encourage and support all of our team to become involved within our community and have had all of our team members passionately involved in our Unique Christmas Community Donations as well as many become members of boards and committees. Over the years we have become proud supporters of many charities within our community and look forward to many more future relationships.
Since 2008 we have made community involvement an encouraged and supported part of our culture. Every Christmas season we give each employee that has been with us for one year or more a $1,000 cheque to donate to the local charity of their choice. The only requirement is that the employee proudly delivers the cheque to the charity in person to let them know why their organization makes a difference in our community.

2015 Unique Donations:

Unique Proudly Supports Annual Donations: