Unique Community Support

We believe in the value of community and pride ourselves on being an active part in our community's growth. We encourage and support all of our team to become involved within our community and have had all of our team members passionately involved in our Unique Christmas Community Donations as well as many become members of boards and committees. Over the years we have become proud supporters of many charities within our community and look forward to many more future relationships.
  • 2010-2012 – Wade Pilat, Owner, was a Director
  • 2014-Present – Wade Pilat, Owner, was the second Vice President
  • As home builders we believe it is essential that we are involved in the municipal and provincial changes that affect our industry and our Home Owners. By maintaining a seat on this board and being active on CHBA committees we are able to be a voice for what we believe is right for our industry standards and products that we produce. It is imperative that our Home Owners are purchasing structurally sound homes that properly represent the value of their investment.